Pavement Management

Utilizing a testing van outfitted with a full array of testing capabilities, AID collects pavement and other asset data at posted speeds without interruption to traffic.

Integrating 3D-laser imaging, video, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Inertial Profiler, and GPS technologies, a wide range of pavement performance and asset condition data is collected on the fast track. AID routinely utilizes this system to collect FHWA Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data and other performance data customized for its clients, such as the NJ Turnpike Authority and various counties and MPO’s. In addition to roadways, AID collects both airside and landside pavement condition data for airports, making use of its high-speed testing vehicle to minimize interruptions under tight testing windows.

Data collection is just the beginning for AID’s Pavement Management System services. Once collected, processed, and quality checked, the data is put to work to report pavement condition, identify cost-effective pavement solutions, prioritize sections within the network, and deliver an optimized treatment plan.