Inspection & Lab

Construction Material Inspection & Testing

With our staff of competent engineers, experienced inspectors and knowledgeable researchers, and our certified construction material laboratory, AID is a reliable partner for material QC/QA testing and construction inspection. 

Our laboratory is certified by AASHTO, CCRL, and USACE for a wide variety of asphalt, concrete and soil tests. In addition to providing common material testing and construction inspection services, AID subject matter experts and research scientists can interpret the results, and provide useful conclusions and solutions. We are currently delivering projects from Sussex County to Cape May. Thanks to our dedicated staff and our sister company that provides traffic control, we can provide same day service, no matter where you are in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania.

Inspection and Field Testing Services by Experienced Certified Inspectors

Plant Inspection

  • Asphalt Plant (Roads and Airports)
  • Concrete Plant

Field Inspection

  • HMA Contraction Inspection
  • Nuclear Gauge Density Testing (surface, base, subgrade)
  • Concrete Construction Inspection and Field Testing
  • In-Place Density Test-Sand Cone(ASTM D 1556-90)
  • In-Place Density Test-Nuclear Gauge (D 2922-91)

Pavement Structure Inspection

  • Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS)
  • Falling Weight Deflectometer, FWD (D4694 & D4695)
  • Light Weight Deflectometer, LWD
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, DCP(D6951)
  • Surface Resistivity Test
  •  Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR(D4748)
  • Portable Seismic Pavement Analyzer
  • Pavement Coring
  • Subgrade Sampling (Augering)
  • Concrete Coring (C42/C42M)

Smoothness / Ride Quality

  • IRI using High-Speed Profiler (ASTM E950)
  • RI using Walking Profiler (arrb G3)
  • Rolling Straight Edge (RSE)

AASHTO/CCRL Accredited Laboratory

Quality Management System

  • Quality Management (R18)


  • Making and Curing in the Field (C31)
  • Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores (C42)
  • Measuring Length of Concrete Cores (C1542)
  • Compressive Strength (C39)
  • Unit Weight, Yield, and Air Content (C138)
  • Slump of Hydraulic Cement Concrete (C143)
  • Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete (C172)
  • Air Content (Volumetric) (C173)
  • Air Content (Pressure) (C231)


  • Acid-Soluble Chloride in Mortar and Concrete
  • Water-Soluble Chloride in Mortar and Concrete


  • Standard Proctor Test (D698 / T99)
  • Modified Proctor Test ( D1557 / T180)
  • Atterberg Limit  (D4318 / T89 &T90)
  • Specific Gravity (D854 /T100)

Asphalt Mixture

  • Mechanical Analysis of Extracted Aggregate (D5444 / T30)
  • Bulk Specific Gravity (D2726 / T166)
  • Maximum Specific Gravity (D2041 / T209)
  • Air Voids (D3203/T269)
  • HMA Binder Content by Ignition Method (D6307 / T308)

Asphalt Mix Design and Performance Testing

  • Superpave Mix Design (M323)
  • Marshall Mix Design
  • Marshall Stability and Flow Test (D6927 / T245)
  • Dynamic complex modulus (T342)
  • Indirect Tension test (T322)